Random Thoughts: Bojack Horseman Season 6 episode 3

In Season 6 episode 3 of Bojack Horseman a huge company (cleverly named Whitewhale) is buying up companies. In this episode Diane is reporting about the dark underbelly of America. The company is asking her and her partner to write more feel-good stories. Next episode Diane is interviewing two women with a starting company about dolls that are meant to empower young girls. When Diane is asking about the recycling process the women respond that they are just bought by Whitewhale and the production company is moving to a low-income country for cheaper labor and they don’t know how anything about the new recycling process.

After the ‘ feel-good episode’ the company that Diane is working for is being bought by Whitewhale. She is set on making Whitewhale pay and starts to investigate a case of a murder in a warehouse owned by Whitewhale. Soon she meets a female journalist with an eyepatch cleverily referencing Moby Dick. The White whale in the story of Moby Dick is uncatcheable just like this huge company.

Mister Whitewale wants to meet up with Diane and when she arrives he already knows what she has been up to. Diane confronts him with the murder in a warehouse, Mister Whitewale confesses that he killed him and he doesn’t even care if the camera is rolling, because he said that a bill has passed that billionaires are allowed to murder. Diane cleverely responds that it first has to be accepted by other parties and the president can revoke it. Mister Whitewall responds: ” If you want to do something about it, just make a billion dollars and murder me,”


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