Cyberpunk Monday: Serial Experiments: Lain – my first thoughts

I’m a big fan of dystopian/cyberpunk movies such as Blade Runner, Dark City, Akira and Ghost in The Shell. I’m on a quest to watch as much cyberpunk related stuff and I noticed that Japanese shows tend to dabble in the cyberpunk genre more often than western shows and a bit better as far as I am concerned. After a few clicks I stumbled on Serial Experiments: Lain and I bought the blu-ray and watched it within two days.

One quick remark after watching it

This 90’s anime series is more scary to watch in this day and age than it probably was twenty years ago. SE: Lain predicts and depicts the thin line between the real world and the internet (In SE: Lain it is called the Wired). The side characters including her classmates and her father are warning Lain not to see the fake world as the real world. The show has definitely a 90’s vibe in computer technology in the use of many wires and big computer systems, not really representative of this time, but the themes in the show hit way harder now.

Wires, wires and more wires.

Definitely an interesting watch and it feels like something that could grow with multiple viewings. Maybe I get back to some of the themes of the show in another blog. First I need to process of all it.